Swimming pool ENCLOSURES, SPA covers & Patio enclosures by ALUKOV UK

Our products cover the entirety of your needs!

IPC is one of the largest and most important manufacturers in Europe. We are very proud of our wide range of high quality products, constantly developing designs and new innovative features.

IPC swimming pool enclosures are constructed with telescopic sliding segments which can be moved independently in both directions or as single synchronized telescopic system. The aluminium design with stainless steel fastenes is unaffected by the high moisture enviroments found within swimming pool enclosure.

The structure of the pool enclosure is fitted with twin-walled polycarbonate or compact (looks like glass) Oour surface of all polycarbonate sheets are covered in a high-quality UV stabilization layer, which absorbs the effect of harmful UV radiation and prevents impairment, cracking and unwanted colour changes in the polycarbonate.

As we dont get stuck with the same old thing - IPC constantly innovates enclosures - only that way we can always offer the best, modern solution for your pool

One of our new delevopment is unique sealing system between segments, thanks to newly develeped 'labyrint' system - the sealing rubber is not touching the polycarbonate at all and therefore can not scratch it - the polycarbonate will look just like new for years !

After last year’s success and lots of interest from the wide public, Alukov UK is once again exhibiting at the Grand Designs Live Show in London – ExCeL. Our team is looking forward to see you there.

IPC is very proud to have over 20,000 satisfied customers around whole world!

IPC Team: The leading swimming pool, spa and patio enclosure manufacturer!

Apr 8, 2014

Alukov Started Third Year of Thalie Awards Support with a Great Party

Alukov company, Czech most significant manufacturer of pool enclosures, hot tub enclosures and terrace enclosures, for the third consequent year supports Czech culture thanks to the business success of the company.  The company has been partner of Thalie Awards since 2012 and has always tried to bring more than just financial aid. This time Mr. [...]
Apr 4, 2014

Season Take-off in the Name of Exhibitions

Have you been to Austria this year just like us? At Vienna, Salzburg or Klagenfurt? Or do you prefer German cities of Munich and Leipzig? Are you fascinated by Swiss Lausanne? And what about France - Nice, Dijon, Rennes, Lyon? And furthermore Italian Bolzano or Brussels in Belgium? Or do you grasp for middle Europe [...]
Nov 27, 2013

Paris, je t’aime – exhibition BATIMAT 2013

Do you love Paris? Everybody does! Even a movie has been made about it… I was in Paris for the second time in my life. First time it was just a weekend trip – run through Paris, see Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs Elysées, Arch of Triumph, tunnel where princess Diana died, Eiffel Tower, the Invalides, [...]
Nov 25, 2013

Building exhibition MUREXPO 2013 - Warsaw

On 19th and 20th October 2013 in capital of Poland, Warsaw, company Alutherm took part in Construction Fair Murexpo 2013. Among 160 exhibitors showed Alutherm it’s innovative mobile terrace enclosure CORSO, which attracted many visitors. Alutherm decided to show the model CORSO outside of the fair’s hall because in that solution everyone (not just the visitors) [...]